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Class Details

Our 6th grade World Geography classes can review here for tests from our World Explorer textbook.

(1) Latin America

15 concepts, including:
aqueducts, rural, urban, migrant farm worker, hieroglyphics, emigrate, immigrate, economy, mestizo, canal, subsistence farmer, isthmus, diversify, primary source, secondary source

(2) USA Canada

17 concepts, including:
tributary, population density, ethnic group, indigenous, rain shadow, cultural exchange, cultural diversity, hydroelectricity, transportation corridors, megalopolis, industrialization, recession, separatists, tundra, reservation, glacier

(3) Geography Skills

25 concepts, including:
landform, mountain, plateau, plate, plate tectonics, erosion, weathering, physical map, political map, pangaea, atmosphere, weather, climate, precipitation, Mercator projection, Robinson projection, latitude, longitude, key, Location, Place, HEI

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